Seperate Loop Points For Both Left&right Channels



I want my AKAI samples to sound peeeeerfect.

i love you guys.

… and whaddabout the funky read left / read right feature FT2 had when you imported stereo-files??

yea,i tried to make it happen manually with the panning+stereo expander combo…
without any luck…


i love you guys.

Don’t use the Stereo expander.
First use panning, then render your pattern selection piece playing that instrument to a new sample, then change the sample properties in the new sample from stereo to mono in the sample-editor and then use the stereo expander upon that new instrument.

(I know many steps, but it is not impossible)

… i mean,

a logic sollution would be a pan+stereo expander combo…

everything is possible with work-arounds.

Yes, but it looked like you couldn’t find a solution at all.

…isnt this the ideas&suggestions part of the forum?

Yes, but i thought your idea and suggestion was mainly targeted upon hinting for AKAI sample support.
(Which has my favor as well)