Seperating Vocals From The Whole Song

is there an option to cut only the vocals of one song(putting off the drums,bass etc…) in Renoise?
If so,how can I do that?

Inside one sample? There aren’t much tools outside Renoise that can even do a decent job on this area.
Specially with MP3 files or samples that are joint-stereo saved, chances are slim to none.

hmm? Hope this helps (with audacity for example)…

  1. Import both the Instrumental and with vocal into Audacity as 2 separate clips.
  2. Line the two tracks up as exactly as possible using the Time-Shift Tool.
  3. Highlight either track (doesn’t matter which) and click effects -> invert.
  4. Highlight both tracks and click Project -> Quick Mix (or Tracks -> Mix and Render).