Sequence Cloning/Changes Do not update Seq. Loops


This is not really a biggie, but somewhat inconsistent, and might be worth a look. Included is a (rather empty) test xrns with two sections in sequence, the “mother” and the “child”.

4446 section_loop_weirdness.xrns

  1. load up the song
  2. focus pattern sequencer
  3. have the second, “child” section looped (the side boxes of the sequence white)
  4. go to first pattern
  5. clone four patterns with keyboard (my shortcut is cmd-4)

Expected: Looped section should remain in “child” section

Actual: Looped section does not follow “child”. Instead it stays at pattern numbers 4-8.

If my memory serves me correctly, this is a known bug from 2.8 beta.

To iterate, if you duplicate or insert (new or copy>insert paste) patterns before looped patterns
it will shift the loop. Otherwise its ok if you do the same after looped patterns.