Sequence editor and loops

I would really like if the loop was more consistent during/after pattern add/remove/dupe operations. For single-pattern ops it shouldn’t be too hard to implement.

ops where this bothers: (just make a pattern loop over 2 or more patterns and check)

  • Adding a new pattern somewhere in the loop should make pattern loop last 1 longer
  • Moving patterns within the p-loop should not make the loop shorter by 1
  • Loop length changes should be included in undo (when undoing pattern remove from sequence, re-size pattern loop to where it was before)
  • When removing a pattern that’s within the loop I think the loop should be shortened

there might be more examples of this consistently inconsistent behaviour. By that of course I mean the way it acts now is at least very predictable which might be better… So right now you got in the back of your head ‘when there’s a pattern loop and you wanna do some sequence ops, it’s definitely gonna go wrong’ which is preferable over like ‘well i think i can remove and add but not dupe, or was it only with 2 patterns or more, or… ?’