Sequencer Auto Insert

Suggestion for 1.5: I really love the new sequencer besides that the icons are really small en unclear at times what they do (I hoover over with the mouse now and wait for the tooltip to be sure). I would like to see when you have a sequence and you want to add a new sequence you can double click and enter a number!


I’ve also tought about this idea and wondered why it wasn’t already there!

Also when inserting patterns the song position stays the same.

Personally i’d like to se an automatic ‘jump’ to the newly inserted pattern, and an option to insert the pattern ‘after’ the currently active sequencerstep/pattern just like the clone feature but with an empty pattern(ie. increase the pattern number to a new unused number wich essentially makes it an empty pattern).

It’s quicker than doing a ctrl-insert and then double-click the new sequencer-node.
But it only saves you two elbow twists.

I really want this… It’s logical and intuitive, the best of both worlds. (Sounds like a new slogan for Renoise? :P )