Sequencer Macaw,plus Synths/fx Can Be Used In Renoise

just came over this thread on KVR,about a open source sequencer macaw

heres the thread

havent tried out the sequencer yet,but theres some pretty nice synths/fx that can be used in renoise

heres the dl link

Hey Ho Aloha,

nice info :P

Have a look at the Elektrostudio Analog Pack



Universal is like a starship console!

I must ask the next alien how to control this mothership :lol:

yeah the universal gets lots of praise from people on KVR,they call it a free absynth clone :D

the composer is killer and the modular view is fun too!
but mainsequencer and pianoroll being hard to handle.

I just saw that there is a new version of this Macaw available. And it seems to have all those glitches finished. Wonder if it will work?

just downloaded the new version,will test drive it tonight

the dark theme is a really nice theme for this(there are other themes in options)

thanx for the heads up on this :yeah:

How usable/stable/compatible is the VST builder? Is it VST(i)?

dont know havent tried it.

Hi guys,

I yust opened a google group on the topic macaw, please feel free to join there.

Greetings from belgium, Sascha