Sequencing From Monomachine

Im a new Renoise user and very much enjoying it.
I like to sequence VSTis hosted in Renoise from my Monomachine. However I can only make one instrument sound at once and that recieves Midi from all the channels the Monomachine sends.

So how can I configure Renoise so that each instrument recieves midi only on the channels I want it recieving from and how can I make more multiple VSTis sound at once being sequenced from different Midi channels?

Im sure theres a simple solution but Ive read the manual and cant come up with anything. Any help would be much appreciated.

I know this may sound silly since it’s 100% sure you have already seen this, still, there is a “channel” option here on the left:

so I’ve probably misunderstood your problem

Ive seen the channel control butregardless of what I set it too the instrument gets triggered from all channels of the monomachine.

Do you want to play different instruments at the same time with your midi device?
IE assigning some instruments to certain channels of your midi device and another to other channels of your mididevice?

Thats right Splajn.
For example Id like to set up 4 softsynths creating different drum sounds and triggering them from my Monomachine. Each sound on a different channel obviously.

edit:wasn’t really clearly reading here…

The channel mode in the VSTI panel sets the channel to be send to the instrument itself. Renoise expects the VSTI having an instrument set on that very channel, it however does not translate the channel set on your MIDI device directly to a channel-connection on Renoise.
Though i wonder if this is supposed to be so.
I would not see any technical reason why this MIDI-through data should be avoided.