Serious business only please

I have been informed by a user that I’ve never heard of that this is a support forum, and that it’s not to be used for fun, hobnobbing, lulz, or shenanigans. It shall especially NOT be used for puns or gags or satire or even the occasional gentle ribbing. Renoise is SERIOUS business and this is a SERIOUS forum.

This goes ESPECIALLY for the off-topic forum, where the majority of important and useful support information resides. Please respect the off-topic forum and keep it on-topic.

That is all, thank you.

Good night.

Don’t let the Taktic bite.

Nice trolling. A bit sad, if that sort is all you’ve got to contribute. But not really surprising. You’re welcome. :-*

awww… well, i’m from north america (the actual america part) and am used to the smell and would guess the particular type of funny smells a whiff of canada. if he is from canada, i guess it’s ok. otherwise, yeah…

hey, jim carry, john candy. great 'cause ya never know when ya gonna laugh or groan! it’s the suspense!

Thank you for keeping it on-topic in the off-topic. Your seriousness parameter has been incremented by 1.

Ok, so two blondes walk into a bar…

He is pretty much right, we have banned users for posting stuff that did not belong there (or in any other forum section)!
(you would have to be a spammer or scammer for that though, but the above is in that regard the whole serious truth)

I thought ad hominem was off-topic.

My brain just threw a piston mulling over the splendor of the paradox of this thread. :wub: