Seriously, What Do You Do?

sorry, if there was a topic like this already…

here are many chaps involved in daily interaction, but what do you do in the real life? for a living, or as a hobby.

it would be recognized then what type of people use this ware, for instance, it may turn out that not all of us are lifeless nerds or scandinavian radio stars :D

i’m a (semi-)supervisor at the support/administrative department of some most frequented entertainment websites.

i’m a lifeless scandinavian radio star. you got me.

Yeah good question, what the hell am I doing?!

serious though… I work 40 hours a week designing schoolbooks… the rest of my time I’m helping out organising
events for alternative dance music and oldskool rave in Rotterdam and produce and perform my musical music songs.

I’m a forum reader. Occasionally, I write too.

It-Alien, you rock :)

I don’t know what I do. This question got me in a moment when nothing is stable in my life.

edit: yo, khan. you can always do more than the stuff some envy people say about you.

@botb : Schoolbooks? Perhaps you are part of the conspiracy responsible for exposing me, at an impressionable age, to friendly aliens in little flying saucers explaning the wonders of alternative number systems? Seriously, I learned hex in school that way!

PS: I’m a self-employed lazy bastard

Sparetime: DJ, Musician, Blogger
Occupation: PHP-Coder (on weekends sometimes DJ)

lighting and sound. but i hardly ever go to work anymore, so i’ll just be honest with myself and say that i’m a full time student living on social security.

I run around all day as a collector for the local power company. If someone doesn’t have the money to pay their bill then I have to shut their service off. I have to scale fences, am threatened physically, and have had dogs sicked on me. Most of us have been robbed and or assaulted. I am lucky so far… It’s a very high risk/physical job and can get very stressful. The nice part is I work 4 - 10 hour shifts and I have Fri Sat and Sun off which I love. I only have to work Friday if we have overtime available for the given day…

Wow, that’s some crazy shit…!! Alas some people forget it’s the “just the messenger” they’re messing with…

I’m a scandinavian radio star.

I’m unemployed…

:) For entertaining : Music (make and listen to), Video Games (Dreamcast + 300 games yeaaah), stay with friends … eat spaghetti with cheese sauce and bacon!!!

Oh damn! Now maybe that’s why I’m so lazy about finishing songs!

This might be a good argument for me to get a job :o

part time: nurse at a carehome for elderly.

Music, Graphics, and otherwise searching the net for something
more than that…

and yeah, i love building things out of wood.
the larger the better.

i am the an Intelligence/Information Officer in the Hopes & Dreams Department of a known nameless entity. i also head up the Misnomer Department.

I’ve always had crappy jobs, right now I’m struggling because of a DUI I got about 6 months ago. I have to have people run me everywhere and I’m used to being independent and going out all the time.

My main problem is I spent all of my spare time all through my life learning how to program video games and when I finally got solid at making game engines and shit I decided I didn’t like doing it. So I’m pursuing my other main love, Music. Been writing songs for free games for the past 5 years or so. I got a remake of the Facility song in Goldeneye Source.

I really hope to get somewhere with this music thing, These crap jobs just don’t cut it. Especially with the court system raping me blind.

I’ve been hanging out at since about 2002 or so. Great site if you want to score some video game music remakes to add to your portfolio.

I am starting as a “technical admin” on monday, at the company that brings you those lovely renoise-thongs. Kinda excited about that. Apart from that I am still freelancing for web and print+djing abit. (Recently got a residency, which is pretty nice considering I am a jazz-dj and could be easily replaced by “Smooth Jazz vol1-12” if the owner wouldn’t care).

i work from home as a ‘commercial analyst’ (read ‘excel operative’) i also help out on my girlfriends business doing accounts and a bit of web design but i’m teaching myself so don’t moan about how crap it is, i know…

and i only get paid part time hours for the first job.

for fun i try to make breakcore that sounds like pop, but fail.

i spend about 14 hours a day on my laptop - my face is fried a lovely yellow color from the radiation and lack of natural sun.

Audio Engineer at UNE, Australia.

^ I was reading about that school last night. It seems to be a great place to get an affordable graduate degree fully online. Of course I’d rather go to NYU in Manhattan and irresponsibly spend lots of cash, though. :)