Set Driven Key

Great for making a “custom effects box”.

Could be implemented as:
• A Meta Device like LfoDevice, or;
• An alternative to specifying an envelope (choose Set Driven Key instead of Open Envelope Editor), or;
• As part of a chain of modifiers which modulate the envelope. (Think Lightwave 3D’s Graph Editor…)

You want to create a band-tightening effect using two filters, but you only ever want to tweak two controls to make it work.

You add a lowpass (1) and a highpass (2).

Right click Cutoff (2), choose Set Driven Key, choose Cutoff (1), choose Invert as a modulation curve.
Right click Reso (2), choose Set Driven Key, choose Reso (1), choose Copy as a modulation curve.


You want to make a lead sound tormented using just one slider.

You add a control panel (1), flanger (2), an overdrive (3), and a compressor.
(The control panel has no effect but to indirectly control the other DSP’s.)

On (1), click [+] to add a new slider. Rename it to “Torment” (double-click “Slider1” to rename).
Right click the slider, choose Add to Driving Key, choose (2) Amount, choose Unsigned -> Signed+ as a modulation curve.
Right click the slider, choose Add to Driving Key, choose (3) Drive, choose Custom, draw a curve using Photoshop-Curves style interface, ensuring leftmost point is at 0%, and rightmost point is at 50%.


I particullary like this idea. It would worke like the Combo Box (Combinateor) in Reason I guess. I used to use this device a lot controlling sevaral effets with only e few assigned knobs. VERY! useful, så i hope this could be implemented.

For instance. Having a slider just doing the Cuttoff isn’t enough at times. When it’s doing the very low or high (Highbass) fequinzies i usually increase the volume along with it to give it some extra punch, to not loose so much loudness.

I’ll sign for this kind of device!