'set Instrument'-key


Although I know that this isn;t a IT successor, a ‘set-instrument’-key should be nice. If you use a sample for each track, sometimes you want to map another instrument to the notes…


  • pepijn

I don’t know if you are talking about 1.5 or 1.8, but both support something to achieve this and it’s called Advanced Edit, the only difference between the two versions of Renoise is the GUI layout.

It looks like you need some more manual reading time.

Below snappies are from 1.8.

OK, count that amount of actions you have to take before you changed your instrument.
I know how to achive it, but I suggest a key mapping for this action. Or perhaps I’m still too much into this special shortkey, comming from IT…BTW I’m using V1.8.

Yeah, just a way to map this key would be nice. To change all instruments, bounded to the notes in a single track you simply select all (ctrl-t), specify your desired instrument (within instrument navigator) and press .

this can only be made with local shortcuts (*), in my opinion, otherwise we would run out of shortcuts again pretty soon.

(*) local shortcuts are the ones which work only when the focus is onto a specific part of the GUI (the advanced edit panel, in this case)