Set Me Straight - Sample Slicing 2.6 Vs 2.7

Hi - I need someone to set me straight on sample slicing in 2.7. I finished one project on 2.6 then moved on to 2.7 which I had saved on to my hard disk prior to leaving on a long trip that I where I knew I wouldn’t have internet. I did peruse the forums, but I couldn’t find a definitive answer.

The thing that threw me off guard is that it looks like I can’t select a portion of a sample and render it to a new sample within the same instrument (then map to key accordingly). One sample (or loop), marker/autoslice, then map to key? While I like the key zone page (awesome!), it seems at first blush that you lose quite a bit of power this new way of slicing. I’m thinking of multi-out, creating a new instrument from a few different loops, taking advantage of the sample editor to loop/fade/mono etc…

Am I wrong?

this functionality is still present in 2.7 afaik (it would piss off a lot of people if it wasn’t). everything works as it used to. it is only when you start using the Slice Markers that things start to get ‘weird’ in the sense that you have more the ‘references’ to the different slices than the actual sliced samples in your instrument.

By “render to new sample within the same instrument” do you actually mean copy and paste? Or do you really mean rendering a part of the sample?

You are aware that the sample list moved from below the instrument list to now reside within the Instrument Settings panel, under Samples, in the lower pane?

So open Renoise.
Load a loop/break (sample 00.)
Hit the little + button as many times as you’re going to want to add new individual cuts (you can always add more later.) They will initially be called “(None)”
Select a hit/section of sample.
Either Copy or Cut depending on your preference.
Select the next empty sample slot.
Hit Ctrl+C or other method to paste.
Repeat for as many slices as you want.

Hit the Autoslice button and it does exactly this! Except the slices aren’t their own samples but slices of the original, hence you can’t edit them by selecting them from the list (or add individual effects etc.) I believe there was an eternal Tool for doing this from slices though…

I also thought you could choose between slices being mapped to Keys or being played at any pitch via 09xx commands but I can’t see that option and my tests show both keys and 09xx change which slice is playing.

Bonus power!!!

Thanks for setting me straight! Didn’t notice the tab…Mo’power!