Set Sample Rates per Track and per Instrument

Yes, just what the title says, that feature alone would be worth calling it the next version of renoise imo. Also I notice that when I change the rate I have to restart Kontakt, it would be nice if the transition was more seemless.

I disagree, this would put far too much overhead on the processing of the audio engine to mix streams of arbitarily different sample rates together. I think it’s acceptable to expect the user to take the basic step of using correct rates.

Bear in mind you can already use samples of as many different sample rates as you like! Plus VSTis that use different rates (some may be 44.1k only, others use 44.1/48/96k and switch to whichever the host is using) all work fine together as it is. These are then assumedly resampled to the correct rate right at the start of the audio chain. So if that is all you meant as far as I understand it it already exists, if you mean full tracks/channels at a certain rate all the way to Master/Sends then I don’t think I can agree.

As to needing to Restart Kontact: I would suggest you contact NI as that would be down to the plugin, not Renoise!