Set Vsts Knob Control To Linear/ Circular

I have read elsewhere that it is possible to for a VST host to dictate whether a VSTs knobs will follow a circular mouse motion or a linear up/down motion.

I would find this very useful if it could be implemented as an option in renoise.

Very Useful?

I´m sorry but why!?

Ahh thats my secret ;) :ph34r:

Ok very useful may have been a bit of an overstatement :rolleyes: :D but useful to my workflow none the less as the circular motion VSTs make me want to pull my hair out!

:panic: —> :(

(and I don`t even have as much hair as that smilie to pull out!)

I was just about to make a thread about it.

So: Yes, definitely agree.

If you just set it to linear by defeault, without the option to change, I won’t mind at all. :P

p.s. Here’s a thread I made at Kvr with a linear/circular option poll.

voted! :)

i must post on this!

circular knob control is by far the dumbest thing ive seen these past few years being used. who has seen a mouse with knobs on it?

another method to completely go around this is to just only use the vsti automate sliders in a tracks effect area. sometimes it is nicer to use the vst/i’s interface, them damn circular knobs!!!

You can just use a VSTI-send device and then use the sliders so you don’t need to control the knobs from within the VSTI.

If you want to, you can even attach MIDI controllers to the sliders.
How is that for a Renoise idea? And it’s already implemented :D

Thanks vvoois, already aware of this, but I don`t think that my suggestion would be too difficult to implement and would be better for my workflow at least ;)

Although plugins can set the default knob mode (and the hosts will override it, if they want), not all plugins do that.
It would be nice to have this feature on the host side. It needs a checkbox somewhere in the options, and an AEffEditor::setKnobMode() call, after the plugin window is created.

EDIT: It’s a VST 2.1 extension, so might not be supported by older plugins.

Yeah I would like to see this implemented, was just reading that some plugs im using have this setting.

Asuming that a poll here would give equal results, I have now set the default knobmode to linear (for those plugs who support this)…

That’s good news!