Settable Highlighting Of Beat Values In Sample Editor Ruler

Don’t think this one will be added for 2.8, but I’ll try to make my case here:

I am not a fan of how the ‘beats’ option in the sample editor’s ruler has changed its display from the previous Renoise version. While it might be more precise or correct now, it used to be easier to quickly find out the correct value to snap a loop to in relatively shorter sounds imo.

I use lill synced breakbeat sample-parts a lot in my musics (a 6 line snare-and-a-few-hats part for example) and use loop markers to snap to certain beat values (looping the last 2 hats), maybe I just need to get used to the new way / numbers, but it hasn’t changed much for the better during this beta period.

I think it would help if certain values in the ruler could be highlighted, double awesome if this could be adjustable, like you can set the amount with pattern or sequence highlighting in the song settings.

An extra option to choose the old way of displaying beats in the ruler wouldn’t hurt if this highlighting thing will never happen.

I personally think it’s much, much better. Especially when working with a sample with a slow attack and you want the peak to be on a beat.

I can see how you may have to study it a bit harder when short samples/fairly zoomed in though. The idea of have a larger/bold/highlighted font for all values x.0.0 and maybe even x.x.0 is a very good one.

Something I have suggested before is that, if you have part of the sample selected, when you turn on a Loop mode it loops the selection, rather than the whole sample. This used with Snap To Beat would maybe make your above described process a little easier.

I could even probably live with the Rulers only giving Beats and Lines as long as the information box gives the fuller information upon selection/cursor position. Would make it look a little cleaner. Or maybe change the zoom level at which the sub-lines get displayed. Currently it only shows beat at little over 8 bars, beats and line until just over 4 bars and then also sub-lines. Maybe double the zoom level of the ruler display switching would help you somewhat too??

All good points and yep, it isn’t an issue with ‘normal’ sized loops, mainly a problem when zoomed in on a shorter sample.

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