Setting input velocity via keyboard?

Is it possible to set the qwerty velocity value from the keyboard?


Try using paketti?

It has a bunch of shortcuts, including velocity!

(not sure if it supports 3.0 yet, though…)

Unfortunately V3x throws an error with Paketti. Unfortunetti.

thalamus: If with the Paketti tool it is the API version mismatch error you could try modifying line 6 of the file manifest.xml to API version 4 (rather than 3) contained in the tool xrnx. Renoise 3 should then accept it. I’m not saying that all functions will work, but you can give it a try :)

Cheers, I will give it a try :)

To be honest, R3 & Paketti are simply not ready for eachother. F2,F3,F4,F11 are, for instance, completely smashed to pieces by the “Detach Instrument Browser”. I spent a while working on it and then pretty much gave up, since there’s no way to use the Lua API to detect if the instrument browser is detached or not.

I am, however, attempting to find out which features people actually want from Paketti, maybe the IT/ST3 -like Pattern Editor, Sample Editor/Disk Browser and Instrument Editor/Disk Browser isn’t what people want, maybe just the IT shortcuts?