Setting Midi Input Velocity

Lets say I want to use an instrument with different samples set to different velocities. I want to use my MIDI keyboard to play a velocity range that isn’t the loudest one. My idea was that I turn off velocities in the record&play filter in preferences->MIDI, and then set the computer input velocity setting under the pattern editor to the velocity I want. This way I won’t have to modify the instrument. However now it will only play at maximum velocity.

So my small suggestion is to set the MIDI input velocity to the computer keyboard velocity when velocity is turned off in the MIDI settings. (I clearly used "velocity too often in some sentences, but I hope my suggestion is still clear :) )

Edit: in the meantime the advanced edit box has helped me out :)

that would be really cool if you could add makeup velocity ranges for your midi keyboard and instruments. i dont think that’s very easy to do though heh

With native instruments you can simple use the keyzones to setup the velocity ranges and then there is the volume envelope where you can set up some limitations.
With plugins this is up to the plugin to decide, or you have to simply control the amplification level of a plugin using the instrument device linked to the velocity device. (You can e.g. this way reverse velocity scales sent to plugins)

I have this cheap ION Discover keyboard which I’m pretty sure can’t do that. However if most keyboards can do it then I guess it makes sense that it wouldn’t take the keyboard velocity by default. Maybe add a checkbox “set input velocity to keyboard velocity” in MIDI input properties?