Setting Release To Zero?

Hey people…

Loving the Renoise demo so far but there are a few things I don’t get and here’s one of them ;)

I was wndering if you can set the release of a sample to “zero”.

When I load a sample my midi-keyboard seems to default to it, ie as soon as I release the key ,the sound is cut off mercilessly.

It’s how I prefer it (for cpu and accuracy) but when I sequence the sounds they seem to play all the way to the end (that is, until the next note mutes them.).

What about all the little interesting numbers next to the note names, are they the key?

I’m aware of the interesting envelope generator, but it’s not the same.


Marco :)

“my midi-keyboard seems to default to it, ie as soon as I release the key ,the sound is cut off mercilessly.”

In preferences you can set “record note off”. If this is on, a note-off will be registered and the the sample cuts. Useful in some cases, not all. You can send the same note off by pressing caps lock in the row you want the sample to end.
(hope this was what you was asking for)

The numbers next to the note names:

Make sense? I’m a bit drunk and trying to spare the seniors telling you to RTFM. :)

hehe …thanks ;)

/me ducks from the manual wielding seniors

:ph34r: Hehe. Glad if you found my post useful. tu-de-lu.

  • pressing caps lock will create a note-off manually.

+the number right next to the note is the instrument-number.

C-4 01 <- Instrument 01 playing note C-4

hmm. … MIDI keyboard doesn’t seem to send note offs even though I set the prefs, but Capslock works a treat! ;)

Marco :)

You have to be in ‘follow the player position’ mode when you record with a keyboard (to get note off’s). Change this mode in one of the buttons on top left (or press the Scroll key).

wow… thanks :o

RTFM? Hehe, we’re all TFM here.