Setting up 2i4 for recording in renoise

So, I have been trying to set up renoise so that I could record from my novation mininova. I have all the correct drivers installed for this and my soundcard, but still no audio. I went to preferences, selected directsound as devicce, and selected the 2i4 as input and primary sound device as the output. The issue is that renoise is giving me a message that says that the primary sound device, or whatever Ii selected as the out put, failed to initialize. I also have no idea if I am doing any of this right, I tried using the line input routing but i cant seem to select the 2i4 as input. I feel like I am missing something really simple and just need someone to point it out for me. I also built my own computer, so is there any sense in buying an internal soundcard?

I myself built my computer and have the same audio card, so you’re not alone. But my advice is to use the ASIO sound drivers to make the job simpler, these drivers are far better than the directsound drivers and are latency friendly. I’m not exactly sure if it’s the same case with the mininova but making vocals is easy with alt+shift+r, which I assume you can apply to live playing with the mininova. Though the USB data does not transfer to the input of the line/inst 1/4 inch ports of 2i4.

I had also thought about getting a soundcard inside my computer, but there’s really no point when I need to record and the volume knob for both headphone and monitors are easily accessible under my comp. monitors.

It also wouldn’t hurt to right click on the audio thing on the taskbar and check if the sound playback/recording is set on the Scarlett 2i4 as your primary device in both categories.

Also I’m curious did you happen to buy your mininova used? I can’t really find a decent price on them to justify my purchase at the moment.