Setting Up Instruments

This might be an useful question once it’s related to the competition sample pack.

I’m trying to set up an instrument, for example we have a bunch of bongo samples .rni files, I’d like to put all of them on one single instrument.

How can I do that?


First load all bongos in different instrument slots, then open the renoise sample editor, select bongo02, press CTRL+A to select all sample data, choose the first bongo slot but the second sample slot (the small window with 16 slots) and press CTRL+V to paste. Do the same with the remaining bongos but use a different sample slot for each. When all bongos are in their sample slots open the instrument editor and press the button “Generate DrumKitMap”. Thats it.


Edit: Seems that the loops are lost with that method, so you’ll need to recreate them. Sry.

Hey Alex,

Thanks for the reply but I’m still missing something. I can do what I’m asking with wave files, but these are . RNI files.

I don’t understand when you say:

“select bongo02, press CTRL+A to select all sample data, choose the first bongo slot but the second sample slot (the small window with 16 slots) and press CTRL+V to paste”

why bongo02? Why not bongo07 or whatever? Meaning, I’m trying to do what you are suggesting with no success. Could you please elaborate more in this process?

Are you sure you are talking about manipulating RNI files? Those are instruments already not samples. I’m getting to think that I’ll have to render the instruments to wave and create my particular instrument.

In any case, if I have to do that I’ll have to let the competition commission know what’s going on.



Have a look at this picture.

I’ve loaded all *.rni in a different instrument slot, i select bongo02 in the instrument list with the sample editor opened. Press CTRL+A, forgot to tell you about CTRL+C ;), then select the first bongo bongo01, but the second sample slot and press CTRL+V.

Edit: I’ve uploaded the bongo set for you, but bongo02 to bongo07 are missing the loop points.

Ohhhhhh :blink: :o :lol:


Thanks mate!

But i forgot to generate the drumkit map. ;)

Please redownload or press the button yourself, no good day today if you know what i mean. :D

That’s cool man. I managed to do it myself.

This is great and not in the manual by the way (not that I saw). ;)

Thanks again Alex.

Well, there is no how-to for this case, but all essential actions required to do as .this can be found back in the manual if you really browse through it.
I took some extra care to add relevant links to a few of the manual topics that may come in handy and / or may be overlooked easily.

Personally i was not fond of the fact that the whole sample-pack was saved as loose rni’s but i guess there was a particular reason to apply more challenge to this conquest by doing it this way and leaving samples uncut and unarranged for everybody to play with. (furthermore, the possibility that Mac attendants may get into trouble not being able to use one or more wave-files when they would be saved as .wav)

For sure with this pack is that:If you don’t win BeatBattle, you will gain a lot of nessesary experience to deal with Renoise.
If you need that push to get going then join BeatBattle.

One extra hint:If you would like to keep the loop points in the samples, you just save all samples to disk and then manually construct your instruments by loading the wave files into the slots.
This is less work as copy and paste as the loop-points are saved with the sample.

This was exactly the way i tried it first, but the loop points aren’t saved in the samples in that case. I suppose, that the loop points are stored somewhere in the rni.


Just did a quick test. If the original wave file had loop points, they are saved to disk, if the loop was defined in renoise they get lost.

Hmmz… okay, sounds like a bug to me since loop-points can be perfectly saved along a wave file. (If they are present inside a wave-file, Renoise loads them without problems so i don’t see a good reason why they wouldn’t be saved).

I’m sorry i pointed you on the wrong way then.

I did some further tests and have to correct me now, it seems, that Renoise doesn’t save the loops at all.

Well, look at that. Some messing around and we found something to be fixed in renoise.

That’s actually cool.

And yeah, I completely agree that this is the best way to learn music software: by limiting yourself to the bare minimum.

I’m very excited about the learning process that will come with this competition.


It depends, if the looppoints aren’t saved with an .RNI file than that will be a true bug as looppoints have to be saved with an rni file.
I can’t remember the last time i saved separate samples to disk though so i can’t guarantee that loop-saving along wave files is even implemented.

As for learning the software:The nice thing about any music-software is that they have their own unique oddities that allow you to do trickery which cannot be documented in advance.
It’s just fiddling around with the the knobs, sliders and curves of the internal gadgets and suddenly you created a cool effect. So you don’t always require external VST effects for this.