Setting Up REMDEBUG Win 7

Some help needed please

I`ve installed the latest Lua for windows which installs socket 2.02…/luaforwindows/

Also tried installing the socket separately…e.html#download

to the Lua folder and checking environmental variables seem to match up (though not 100% confident with this)

C:\Program Files (x86)\Lua\5.1\lua  

By running the following code I get that socket (at least the part that returns version number ) is installed

socket = require("socket")  
local function sum(a, ![B)](>/>/>/>/>  
 return a + b  
local c = sum(1, 2)  

Print Out confirms version number but the console only flashes up and disappears

LuaSocket 2.0.2  
*** ...\Renoise 2.8.1\Scripts\Libraries\remdebug\engine.lua:609: Remdebug Error: connection failed: 'Socket connection timed out'  
*** stack traceback:  
*** [C]: in function 'error'  
*** ...\Renoise 2.8.1\Scripts\Libraries\remdebug\engine.lua:609: in function 'start'  
*** ...Renoise 2.8.1\Scripts\Libraries\remdebug\session.lua:108: in function 'start'  
*** TestPad.lua:5: in main chunk  

I think you have to start up the remdebug session from inside an (elevated) opened console?

Isn`t the debug.start() call supposed to do this?

From the docs:

I haven’t looked at the debugger for ages.
I had a nice solution with an AUTOIT3 GUI, but that stopped working somewhere during the development cycle of 2.6.

A flashing console dialog usually means something is missing or not configured properly.
The first thing i check is if the source path locations that are submitted to the debugger with the right amount of quotes (program files\blablah.lua where \blahblah.lua would be seen as an extra parameter instead of path vs. “program files\blahabla.lua”)
Next i would check the environment variables (rightclick my computer -> properties -> advanced system settings -> Environment variables, check PATH, INCLUDE, LUA_DEV, LUA_DEV_PATH etc.) and check if the Lua executable applications are allowed to start (rightclick app -> properties -> compatible mode -> run as admin)

I think your problem is most likely one of the first sort than the last mentioned one.

Thanks, that gives me some leads to follow

I cannot seem to get this working on ubuntu. Installed the packages mentioned but invoking debug.start() leads to a shell saying

“Failed to connect the controller to the debugging engine. Please check your firewall settings for Lua based programs.”