Seventh Sign And Stardust: New Albums

Made in Renoise:

Integral parts of this project include the Renoise signal follower, filters, and dblue glitch.

New Album: Seventh Sign

I’m also touching up all of the songs on Stardust… have finished the 1st half of them or so… switching out a couple of tracks entirely, for different ones… maybe adding a 22nd track…

Anyway, at 7 songs totalling less than 40 minutes, ‘Seventh Sign’ is a much shorter-length album.

Stardust was named after Arguru’s Stardust; which every track was fed through.

Seventh Sign is named after Antress Seventh Sign; which all 7 tracks were fed through…

wow it somehow reminds me of muse ;) only i like this much better i’m listening to stardust right now and i wuld like to download the whole album it’s nice. thanx for sharing!

Lukast, thanks for the comments! I might have a Starudst.rar file available later.

The single files for the 2nd version of Stardust are all uploaded and ready to go.

The main things about the album are probably:

  1. Stardust VST really seems to ‘pump,’ even with ‘small’ variations in compression ratio. Maybe the 2nd stage of compression is more sensitive in this regard than the 1st stage. I ddidn’t much use the bass or treble enhancers, but did use the ‘stereo widener’… with pretty much the same settings for every song… so it would help them a bit, to all sound like they’d been ‘recorded’ in the same room.

  2. The Renoise signal follower was used in a lot of ways, but there were 2 in particular which were probably the most common: 1) from a kick, to trigger the arp control on a synth (usually bass synth); and 2) from the vocals, to lower guitar/keys in volume.

With the first method, there might be an LFO on the ‘min’ or ‘max’ of the signal follower, to give the tweaking of the synth’s arp control some bit of variation.

  1. There’s quite of dblue glitch, especially on the guitar. To get a sort of ‘super flanger’ sound, an entire pattern would be set solidly to ‘stretch’ (purple), and an LFO was put on the ‘stretchdiv’ (stretch divisor) control.

Obviously, glitch does a lot more than that, but that there is one of my favorites.

Here’s a Link for the location of the ‘version 2’ of Stardust. The site is completely updated.

The Center is Failing/Baby Queen Blues
Hymn of Disregard/Montauk
Princess Singer Live 01/Babushka Baby
Comet Kiev/Toltec Twins

It looks like ‘baby’ has been subconsciously made into a partial album theme…

I really like these new mixes better than the previous batch. To paraphrase Cpt. Beefheart, ‘this might be the best batch yet.’ 2 or 3 of the songs weren’t changed much, but the rest of them had some ‘serious’ reworking.

Now, to take a break; then find out what else Renoise can do. Time to make some ‘new style’ of recording.

Anyway, thanks again for the comments… you made my day.



just wanted to let you know that the last link doesn’t work,

should be,

now of to listen, cheers


slipstreamed new Lights Out in Georgia 20 Oct 2011

I listened to a few songs… It’s not really my style, when listening to “You’re OK”, i rather Prefer Amy’s original “You know i’m no good”.
They have some good ideas though, but this is not exactly my idea of releasing a cool microtonal remix album…
Do you also have clearance for using the music this way? Usually if you change certain parts drasticly, you need clearance for that.