Several midi related questions

Hi, I would like to know if is possible to use patterns effects for midi automation in a similar way to reViSiT or Psycle. Also, I would like to know if there is a chance for Renoise to implement a reViSiT like way to treat pattern effects (like volume slide up/down, etc) to affect midi related data. In reViSiT if you use a pattern effect related to volume it will work in a similar way for midi volume related data. I find Renoise incredibly amazing but for me this kind of features are very important when talking about a tracker, as with a tracker concept in mind, the user should be able to control this kind of things in a tracker way without the need to do it in a sequencer related way.

Thanx very much.

It depends if this works for all midi devices in general.
They may or may not interpret the information as designed. If it doesn’t it will cause confusion in those cases because stuff is not working as documented.
You can add an Instrument Midi Control device to the DSP panel and automate any CC command that you like. Either automate the parameter directly, or use an LFO in one-shot mode to control any of those parameters using a pattern effect command to reset the LFO at times that you want to reset it.

As far as I know it’s standard midi so it should work for all midi devices in general. The midi information sent will be the same independently which device you are using so the only differences would be in the way the device manages the midi values internally, for instance a VSTi which main volume control goes from -6 to +6 db instead of 0-100%. The truth is that see working (and be able to use) the old tracker technique of using repeated quick slide down volumes on a VSTi is really great. And most important, be able to control all in the precise tracker way without the need to rely on envelopes or external effects which could take lot more time to achieve the same exact (or just more or less similar) output. The truth is I would love to see something like that in Renoise. That’s the reason why I asked if there is any chance this could be implemented in a future.

Yeah, I knew about the “Instrument MIDI Control Device” plugin which can be automated using the envelope in the automation tab, but missed completely the LFO plugin, which seems pretty interesting. Thanx very much for the tip. :)/> I guess then there is no more direct way to control midi from the pattern commands than using this kind of workarounds right ? Can I ask if there is a reason (technical or not) for this ? I mean, doesn’t should be easier to create a pattern command which could just send a midi CC with a value ?

Thank you very much again for your answer. And I hope to not be bothering making this kind of questions.

You can control this, and any DSP device at that, from Pattern Effect Commands. Not only via Automation Envelopes!

You mean like the M0 command which has existed as long as I can remember?

I suggest you try reading the manual…

I can’t believe it was there all the time. I swear I read the pattern commands help when I started testing Renoise. I feel quite stupid now. How could I miss that ?

Well, sorry and thanx for the help. :)

No sweat, but i was actually thinking you were looking for equivalents of volume glide commands etc. (which don’t exist other than using the automation and drawing the curve)

Well, the truth is I was interested in knowing about both. So thanx again for the help and tips. :)