Sf2 Support

I know you can convert sf2 to xi, but it would be better to have a direct sf2 support cause there some great orchestral soundfont I d like to use as xrni.

And for as far as you can’t use them as XRNI, you can always use a freeware plugin like RGC:Audio’s Sfz to play the soundfonts for you.

Sure but you can’t play with the sample waveform nor apply a lot of effect like offset, retrig ect… wich are only for the “samplebased instrument”

Modo, can you move this topic to the 1.9 suggestion please?

It already is in the Ideas and Suggestions which is really the best place, i can ensure you this is nothing which will be done for 1.9 anyway.
Different instrument type formats are on the to-do list, but will not be implemented before 2.0
Best you can hope is someone will create a s2f2xrni php tool…

If you want to i can move this topic to the XRNS development forum and see if someone would like to pick that one up…

Soundfont specifications and SDK:
Format specs: