Sf2 To Rni

Is it possible to convert SF2 SoundFont Instruments to Renoise Instruments. I have a lot of Soundfonts I’m using with a VSTi Sample Player in Renoise, but I would prefer to use them as RNIs because I can attach all those great effect commands to RNIs and because RNIs will be saved within the Songfile.

Is there a tool available to convert it?

AWave Studio should be able to convert SF2 files to XI, which can be loaded by ReNoise, but I really don’t recommend to use such converted instruments, as the features provided by the two formats are very different and will surely loose a lot

I seek such a tool to, but I hope it would not be too difficult for the developers to just import SF2 like RNI in future versions.

I googled the whole evening on things likfe sf2 to xi, but no tool would allow me… :unsure:

its commercial, but you can try…

If you can get specs on the sf2 format, you could always find someone to write a conversion utility, considering XRNI is XML based :P

AntiWave VSTi (commercial demo) can extract instruments from *.sf2

When XRNI came out I looked at the SF2 format to create a converter. The specification was quite large… too much to make it worth while in actually creating since you can just use a VST to play them in Renoise.

… at least for me.

Hey great tool, now i finally had time to look at it.
Still have to test if it really converts the SF2 nicely.