Sfz And Volume Levels


In a new song, I am using ns_kit7free with sfz mappings (from http://www.drealm.org.uk/sfz/ns_kit7free/ ). The kit sounds very nice. However, I am having a problem with volume levels when I play multiple samples simultaneously. For example, in one track there are hihats and in another there are base and snare. All of these samples are played through the same sfz (VST) instance. If I make base and snare volume level 40, and hihats around 20, all of these samples play at volume level 20 (or vice versa).

Is there a known way to avoid this? I looked around the manual and the forum, but I couldn’t figure out a way to solve it.

Thanks for any help.

There is this problem when you use one instance of a plugin to play multiple instruments (using an Alias) that applied effects are also being applied to it’s alias instruments.
You can use the volume column to send different velocity values to the different channels to avoid it, they should be handled properly, but full track volume changes also affect alias instruments.

Thanks for the hint, Vincent.

I tried with volume column and now it works OK. The only trouble left is that I have to erase all those volume automations and create the same with volume columns. :slight_smile:

Well, then use advanced edit, in content and selection mask, rightclick upon automation (to deselect the rest).
Then select track in pattern or track in song as option, then hit shift-F3 and all your automations are erased.
(Carefull, not only the volume automations are erased)