sfz in linux renoise


I’m sometimes running renoise/linux, sometimes reaper through wine. I spend a lot of time building instruments in renoise, but naturally those can’t be used in reaper. So I discovered the sfz format. This could allow me to build instruments (pianos, rhodes and other sample based instruments) that I could re-use in both programs and take with me if I want to try a new DAW.

The problem is working with sfz in linux renoise. Current version of HighLife doesn’t work (fail to initialize vst), but I had an old version lying around. It’s very slow in saving/loading, doesn’t handle flac, and I had crashes on large instruments. The Additional File Format Import Support tool is not working with R3.

Any suggestions? Any plans on getting the Additional File Format Import Tool working in R3?

NB: I’d rather not run renoise through wine, I do so with reaper quite reluctantly, renoise is the native linux DAW for me.

NB2: I emailed the guy that supposedly is in charge of the linux version of HighLife, waiting for him to get back to me.

Hello Atte,

Redux is on its way i believe.
I think this is the best option because it’s a sort of plugin version of Renoise so u can port all your instruments in every DAW.
Maybe it was a shot in a open goal. I was reading yesterday that Taktik is/was on a much needed vacation.
Witch he really deserves in my opinion. (Renoise 3 rules!!!) So there’s some waiting time involved.

Ive searched a little and found Open Orchestra (for Linux but in dev version whatever that means) on sourceforge. But i dont use extern instruments with sfz format and I’am not on linux either.
So far i could see there was no SFV format but I hope this helps anyway. Otherwise try to get into the Redux beta testing team and hope it comes soon :).

On Sourceforge I found also…
Project Swami
Jet another couple of instrument creation / sampler software.
These are beta versions and i don’t know if they import SFZ.

I found also…
.sfz to .xi converter
Maybe that’s an option to port your instruments more widely.



I appreciate you trying to help, but I had hoped for a little bit more hands-on experience. I know all the links you googled for me, and unfortunately none of them solves my problem.

ATM the best solution I can think of is to write a sfz2xrni.py script, would be easier and better with a vst/dssi/ladspa/tool that would let me load sfz directly in renoise, though…

I am not used to use external instruments and python script either.
But I thought that i knew… But.
Sorry about that. I hope anybody else can help U with that.