Sfz Sound Font Player Gives An Error

Not sure if this is because of the beta or if this is something that is an issue. I’m trying to load sound fonts tonight and am having no luck. Most of the sf2 players out there suck. sfz used to just work. If anyone knows of any free velocity sensitive sound font players I’d love to check them out.

in order to understand if it is a Renoise bug (I doubt it), you should give us more details about the issue: which SFZ loader you were using, how big was the soundfont you were trying to load. You should also retry to load the soundfont and check how much RAM memory is your system using while loading.

My guess is that he isn’t talking about playing SFZ’s, but playing soundfonts with Cakewalks SFZ Player.

If you only use soundfonts and don’t need sfz support you could try Prodyon Phenome or Cakewalks sfz+ (which confusingly only plays soundfonts and not sfz’s). Both are free afaik.