Shameless Plug

Er, yeah. Fixed some bugs, and added stuff. This one hasn’t had any crash reports (yet).

Make some glitchy jungle, you people. :)

hehe :D thats very kindly

thank you!

maing… this is by far the lightist, tightist & strongist sample rearrangement & manipulation vst yet!! :drummer: :walkman:
a prime heavy hitting weapon in any respectable soundman’s arsenal.

hey thnx laurencedavies!

much appreciated!!

make us some more glitchy, f****up, mashing vsts!! hehe…

we need more mash!



I never quite managed to use this propperly. Think not having a midi controller didn’t help. Should give it another go really though :) Cheers mush.

yes, yesh, yes we doooooooooo!!!
get mashup!!