Shaper Album

Just curious, how many have ordered this album? Just got some extra cash in my hands and finally got around to buy this wonderful thing! :)

Can’t wait 'till it arrives in my mail!!

Shaper is what Prodigy used to be… dunno WHAT happened to their new album, but MAN :unsure:

Anyway, good thing we have someone to pass on the genre!

Oh, btw, i didn’t order it (yet), but i’ll get around to it :yeah:

Prodigy’s latest is really good in my ears, just very very different. Ever tried Burnout 3/4 with that music on loud? Try it, be amazed. :yeah:

Anyways, yeah, Prodigy is what I think of when I hear Neil’s sound. Yet, original! Awesome stuff! If I ever get influence on some festival I’d get Shaper on live!! :D