Share Your Bidule Layouts/groups Here

lets share bidule layout groups n stuff here

this is my in progress live-set-up im trying to make,still need alot of work,as im just starting to get the hang of how bidule works

the effects will be controlled with my novation nocturn :D

i have started building the above setup into this…04&start=15

Bidule is awesome …
I mostly load up a template with a lot of ’ era’ stepsequencers controlling some vsts( sonicbytes , try it out it’s wicked ), the stepsequencer in bidule sucks bigtime …I only use it as a master clock
… …and get mental …If it works out, I save it as a group file and reopen it in bidule rewired to renoise .
BIdule is a perfect environment for freestyling and jamming ( with yerself ).

it is a very powerfull program indeed

What is it exactly ? A kind of Reaktor / MAX/MSP soft ? Is it free ?

its a modular enviroment,where you can create your own synths,effects and live can use it for free,but it cost 75dollars for a license,and those money is well spent


I’ll try it when i’ll have the fuckin’ time.

bidule also supports rewire,but havent tried it with renoise,so dont know how it works,and if you are able to control the sounds in bidule in renoise via pattern commands??

It works wonderfull …I mainly use bidule because renoise hasn’ t got any internal midi routing (yet ?)…like I said before I use the era stepsequencer a lot …controlling some vst’s in bidule …assign them to a rewire midi bus …all controlable from renoise as master …
This has quickly become my dream set up …
Let’s wait and see what the soon to be released new audiomulch version has to offer , something tells me that they haven’t implmented rewire .
Anyway Renoise and bidule = :drummer:

i still have to try rewireing bidule to renoise,what would be the best way if i want to control the sounds from bidule with pattern commands in renoise??

renoise as master or slave?

or use the bidule as vst inside renoise?

i have build a sort of live set-up with alot of loopers in bidule that i would like to use :D

I control the devices in bidule frome a midi cc device in renoise , I don’t use pattern commands for that
For me the best way is to slave bidule to renoise …you can also slave renoise to bidule and still be able to slave bidule’s tempo to renoise , because in bidule everything can be linked to everything , when renoise is rewire slaved it can still be selected as a sync source for other bidule 's and when you then select the 'renoise rewire ’ instance to sync to a bidule sync source …everything stops …because of a closed loop …crazy stuff

thanx gentleclockdivider

i think i need to experiment with bidule and renoise in rewire,after im finished building the live enviroment in bidule :D