Share your MIDI machines automation!

I really enjoyed working with Guru to make patches for my synths; a shame then that we can`t automate the faders :C

BUT! You can automate CCs for many synths and FX using the Inst. MIDI Control. I thought I would share my creations with a view to collect what everyone has made and perhaps put a little collection together?

So, here are mine for Novation A-Station, Electrix MOFX and Waldorf Attack.

Only CCs are covered so not all functions are here for the A-Station (Eg. FM Envelopes). It also comes in 3 parts, asInst. MIDI Control` only allows a limited number of CCs. I believe the Waldorf Attack patch will work with the software and hardware versions.

Big ups. That is all.
midi error

can you chek GURU in the tools section?

What do you mean? I mentioned guru in the first sentence - its great for patches, but it is not suitable for automation