Sharing Your Websites


I just made my 2nd layout for my website and as many people do, I’m having a link section where I put links to stuff/people/things that I like…

Some of you are already on that list, if you have such a list, I’d like to be on it…

also… if you’d like to be on the list… shoot your url!

here’s mine

edit: also, if you’re there and you want me to edit the way I typed your name or whatever… plz tell me!

[center]Heya JB’z… There’s my myspace… , just intill I get my own webspace and design my own site… I’ll FORSURE update you with that link when it happnes ;) Aight man eZ!


Really nice website JBL. I like it a lot.

PHOTOGRAPHY -> Architecture

Fucking nice website, sir! Love the design and photography!


oh and I added you ninja_pwn3d

feel free to add, I’ll get a link back to you shortly. I’m also in the swing of changing layout, even tho i got a much nicer update of the one i have all done and ready lol. but i guess i’m growing a bit tired of it.

looks good. add mine if you like, bunch of max/msp patches and other stuff


Yeah, really nice clean site JBL.

I like your site JBL, nice and clean. :)

I am quite good in coding but my designs always suck ;)