She - Make Me Real + Bonus Song

she - Make Me Real [DOWNLOAD] zip
she - Make Me Real [DOWNLOAD] rar

The song ‘Make Me Real’ explores themes of isolation, dreams and hopes.
It’s a love story set in between and during lucid dreaming when the dreamer is aware of the dream and tries to take control over it.
I have no idea what genre this would fall into, but Industrial Pop / Ambient seems close enough…

XRNS Info:

  • 66 Tracks (approx 4~8 DSP/VST effects on each)
  • 188 Sounds
  • 132 Patterns
  • 1.8Gb Memory
  • 217Mb xrns file size

Also included is a (B-Side) Insomnia.
Enjoy and share! :)

Thanks for the heads up, will go download now. I found out about you on xrns radio after hearing ‘kicks’
Weird, I was just at you site earlier today and downloaded chiptek and was planning on coming back to download more. My wife and I were listening to it while we played Magic. Great work!

Fkkin love it :D Thanks so much for sharing and keep up the amazing work!

Hmmm, less is more? ;)

No seriously, nice tune. Keep it up!