Sheet Music For Trackers?


I’m a newbie, and need to practice before I start composing my own music.
Is there a source/ebook/website where I can find sheet music suitable for entry in Renoise?
I mean, it would be a great learning tool to try to record tracks of famous subtle scores, like the beatles songs, music of francis lai or any other famous composers. Is there somewhere that has such sheet music in a form suitable for entry into Renoise? I mean instead of musical notes, they use note names like c4, e5 …etc?

not really, as the trackers format is not a standard. anyway, you can load MID files into Renoise (just doubleclick on them exactly as you do for opening XRNS files), so you could see how those famous tracks look inside Renoise.

Thanks for your reply.
I did as you said, many thanks. Great idea.
2 problems though:

  • do I have to guess what instruments to use? all it shows is “instum.1, instrument.2, instrum.3…” any clues how to know which instruments to use? is there a standard instrument set for playing midi files?

  • the drum track seems harder. I tried several pads but they don’t sound correctly playing. Is there a standard pad for playing midi files?

look at

Edit => Preferences => Im/export => MIDI Import

is “Create instruments” checked?
is “MIDI Device” set to something? (for Windows should be Micorosft GS Wavetable)

if both are true, Renoise should assign the instruments to standard MIDI automatically, as in standard MIDI each channel+program couple should identify an instrument, so you should do nothing in order to hear something consistent.

Great. I did that, and it worked nicely. Many thanks.
MS wavetable sounds artificial. Is there a way I could use something more natural like Hyper Canvas? Can HC be setup or arranged somehow to be used as a midi device to replace MS GS wavetable?

I have inserted normal sheet music into trackers quite many times. With pop music and childrens songs, it’s pretty simple. First look at the time signature, and analyse the song structure, to find out what sort of LPB/Pattern length you need. Don’t worry, you can change all that in real time, but it’s more comfortable if you don’t have to do it, or have to do it only on real exceptions.

For example if you have a song with 4/4 time signature and you have mostly fourth notes or lower and few 8th notes, and maybe very very few 16th notes. LPB 8 will work good for you. Pattern length at 128 lines.

after installed Hyper Canvas, look into Renoise menu Edit => Preferences => Im/Export => MIDI Devices
to see if there is an HC-related MIDI device, and select it.

if there is not, I don’t know how to help… there is a VST version of HC, but I don’t think it would be useful for this purpose…