Sheri's Restaurant "training" Videos

Shari’s restaurant now makes every employee watch a “training” video that pretty much consists of the owner of Sheri’s and his friends making b-quality videos doing about a dozen cover songs in which they’ve changed the words to be a big Sheri’s commercial. 15 minutes of it. It is by FAR worse than the U2 song that Bank of America did. BY FAR!!!

I hope Mr. Shari’s gets a lot of flack for this kind of garbage. I don’t think he should get sued, I just think he should get a lot of very negative publicity. It’d be one thing if the video was simply available, but it’s another thing entirely to make people watch it under the guise of being an instructional training video. I left some tips to Fox, CNN, and MSNBC about this just to help perpetuate the “possible” story.

It probably won’t go anywhere, but I can hope. It’s CEO’s like that who think that making people memorize friendly-sounding acronyms is actually a good thing–sort of like the label for the Sheri’s video. They’re absolutely nuts! They’re living in some completely different reality than the rest of the world. And there’s a lot of them out there!

Goes right along with “business speak”.

EDIT: I fixed the spelling of SHARI’S in the post itself, it’s too late to fix the spelling in the thread title.