Shift Key Behaviour In The Sample Editor

I have request: When I select a part of a sample in the audio editor using shift+arrow keys, and then press Enter to hear the selection, I can’t adjust the selection anymore. This makes it hard to select a precise portion of a sample. What I usually do now, is I select a longer part than I want, then copy it to a new sample, and then trim the edges, but this is less than ideal.

My request is that pressing the Enter key while shift is being held down will play the selected audio, but that if you then press the left or right arrow key again (while shift is still down), it will adjust the selection as it would have if you hadn’t pressed Enter. (I hope that’s clear).

Is this a good idea? Any chance of seeing this in a future version?

On a related note, I noticed that shift+click doesn’t work as I would expect in the sample editor. In the edit window (and in most programs), shift+click selects everything between the cursor position and the place where you click, but that doesn’t work in the sample editor. It would be nice if it did. :)

This does indeed make things a little bit awkward. I did find a quick workaround though. Go into Renoise’s preferences and into the Keys section. Look for shortcut Sample Editor > Play Selection and you see this is mapped to Return by default. Change this so it’s mapped to Shift + Return, and it will now do exactly what you want :)

Left click to position the cursor somewhere, then rightclick+drag somewhere else to make a selection. When you already have a selection made, you can rightclick+drag on any side of the selection to adjust it.

That right-click thing is great. Thanks for the tips!