Shortcut For Adding Sample To Instrument?

Hi there,

is there a way to put a sample from the browser into an instrument (add to an existing instrument), without using the mouse? If I hit enter, a new instrument will be created that just entails this sample. I would like to hit something and have it added to the currently selected instrument. Is this possible?


Something related to this: How to move between samples within an instrument? I can move between instruments with Alt-up Alt-down, but how to do the same within the instrument?


Again related: Is there a shortcut to add a new sample slot for the current instrument?


Not for me. Hitting Enter loads the sample in the currently selected slot in the currently selected instrument.

As far as I’ve managed to work out you can’t until you have assigned the slots to keys/notes them pressing the key will move you to the slot. Strangely doesn’t even seem to be an option if Instrument Box is highlighted, let alone Global (or Disk Browser as well as this is the other area you are likely to have focus and want it.)

Again I don’t think so, not from what I’ve found anyway.

All these would be good shortcuts to have in both Instrument Box and Disk Browser as probably a bit hard to find space in Global and you wouldn’t always need them, most often wanting it when loading samples.

One thing I just discovered. You can highlight multiple samples (the usual shift and up/down or mouse and Ctrl and mouse) and hit enter to load them. BUT it loads them each as their own instrument. A way to load with each in a slot of the current Instrument may be nice (Shift and Enter or something.) Also a way to use Ctrl selection without touching the mouse, something like Ctrl and Enter to highlight and keep selected current item, them multiple Ctrl + Enter would give you multiple selections.

Mmh, so it seems there is no way to create drumkits on the fly by just previewing sounds and then putting them into the instrument (or replacing a sample within an instrument) without using the mouse. That is a pitty, workflow could be so fast.

Mmh, maybe there is another workaraound. Does anyone know how to create an instrument that has all the samples in it which are currently their own instrument? What I mean is, I could just put each sample in its own instrument for previewing and later on decide to combine all into one instrument. How would that work?


If you drag them to the sample list and NOT the instrument list (the small list on the bottom of the instrument box), then it will create a multi-sample instrument.

The whole point is to not touch the mouse though.

Although that will hopefully speed it up some for fladd :)