Shortcut ! Only on keyboards.

What’s the difference beetween a new song and a new sound. You’ll tell me…

So listen to mine:

Then be real.

Tell me your feeling, your pro-advise, your friendly commentary.

It should flirt beetween old synth compo and futur waves.

Same with vid : Here

Fiesta is not the first word you think about when you ear it. What is the first word coming to you when you ear it ?

Quelle est la différence entre une nouvelle chanson et un nouveau son. Tu me diras…
Alors écoutez-moi :
Ensuite, soyez vrai.
Dites-moi votre sentiment, votre pro-conseil , votre commentaire amical.
ça devrait flirte rentreCompo de vieux synthé et Futures vagues.

La même avec une animation: ici

Fiesta est pas le premier mot que vous pensez quand vous l’oreille. Quel est le premier mot qui vous vient alors ?

First thought was of technical nature: “how exactly did he make this juicy bass/blip chorus/depth effect I’m eager to know about myself”. Would be cool if you told me a little about how you make this effect - I’ve heard similliar in other tunes, but yours is very clean and defined and very strong at the same time.

But thought regarding impression of the music itself was a single word “MINIMAL!” somehow, and this single word was before I read through your post asking for it, and I thought well, how, this single word is only impression I have. Maybe it is this - very clean, oozy, direct at the same time, but not really expressive in any emotional direction other that shining with some kind of cool technical, robotic reduction, being mostly in defined areas, though some undefined sparks hit here and there and get captured back to the save grounds by almost technical patience and assurance. Another word at a second skippy listen not was “ABSTRACTED” and a bit “SPACED OUT” also, but leading to no imperative direction of distinct images either.

Thanks for your reply, I like the word Abstracted.

Feelings in a song… Good point. I missed a space siren for her deep voice.

I am listening it with 7.1 head set and love it. When it comes through small speakers, it’s like a mistake.

You should be talking about thejack handlefor the robot made with a Renoise instrument under mpreverb.

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