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Gday, first up, great program. I Got a few samples of the net, a couple of vsti, downloaded your program watched the ‘beat in ten minutes’ and yeah, within 30 mins i had a little loop going. (1mb wav file)

Lovin it, I will be registering next pay to have a crack with the 1.9 version. One Quick question though has anyone made up large sheet maybe two a4’s that can be printed out and stuck on the wall next to my monitor with all the keyboard commands? I did a bit of a search around on here and google images and didn’t find one.


Most pattern commands have remained unchanged from the 1.27 reference:

That CSS seems… spacious? spacy? What I mean is, I think it could have less line-height and less vertical padding, still be readable and save a few pages?

And all the pattern commands! :D
That would be great :P

to easy, cheers, guess i didn’t look hard enough!

so where is the capipatl button on the keyboard eg. shift + capital?
and the grave button, shift + grave?


cancel that, got an answer of irc

Might as well write it here. I’m just dying to find out where my GRAVE button is :D