Shortcut Requests, Track Navigation.

Now that tracks can become so big in renoise and with extras such as the matrix and advanced edit open, I think the following shortcuts would be useful:

  • Move/jump to first column in track
  • Move/jump to last column in track

With a 12 column track possible in renoise + fx columns, a track width can easily extend past my 19in TFT width .

to jump to first column of a track, you can use the quick shortcut combo:

(LSHIFT + NumPad *) then (LSHIFT + NumPad /)

to jump to last column, you can use:

(LSHIFT + NumPad *) then (LSHIFT + TAB)

(LSHIFT + NumPad /) = jump to previous track
(LSHIFT + NumPad *) = jump to next track
(LSHIFT + TAB) = jump to previous column

Yes have been using this for jump to first column already (with personalised shortcuts) but would prefer dedicated shortcuts as it is less fiddly.

thanks anyway :)

Fabio’s explanation sounds like pretty dedicated shortcuts to me and you already personalized your own set, could you rephrase your description of “prefered dedicated shortcuts”? As it seems your current question is already being answered thoroughly or we simply don’t get the clue.

Simply put I am requesting single shortcuts as stated in the first post, rather than jumping back from one track to another in two steps.

If this doesn’t get added for you it should be one of the easiest things in the world to do with scripting. Making macros of actions then assigning them a shortcut key. Well at least I’m hoping so anyway…

Yes I believe you are right… not a scripter myself though (maybe yet)

I think the request fits with the current shortcuts and would be a good addition… no real matter though in the end if the results are the same…

Might want to look at QuicKeys for doing that. It’s useful for automating all kinds of stuff.