Shortcut To Tool Or Tool Dropdown

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Is there a way that I have missed to create a shortcut to the dropdown menus?

I am used to using f keys or alt+#

Better yet, I looked through the possible shortcuts and could not find a way to add a shortcut to the scale finder tool.

Some of the other tools automatically come up when i click on a track and these same tools are listed in the possible shortcuts.

It is indeed possible that I have overlooked something.


Just a friendly bump as i think i posted this too late 4 any1 2 notice:)

It’s up to the coders of scripts to define their own shortcuts. If you want to do it yourself, add this to the bottom of main.lua in the Scale Finder script:

renoise.tool():add_keybinding {  
 name = "Pattern Editor:Tools:Scale finder...",  
 invoke = function(repeated)  
 if (not repeated) then  

Then, go into Preferences -> Keys, look for Scale Finder, and assign a shortcut.

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edit: er, just remembered my coding knowledge is limited to few html tags, therefore next to nil
if u don’t mind, how would i access the script?
thx in advance! :)

Read: “How to Enable the Scripting Developer Tools in Renoise” from this page.

Once enabled, Tools -> Scripting Terminal & Editor.

Then, navigate to com.Renoise.ScaleFinder/main.lua and edit.

If ever you screw it up, just drag and drop a fresh version of the script back onto Renoise to replace your mess.

Good luck.

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