Should I Bother Finishing This?

Hi there!

I started this a couple of weeks ago (after a long break from trying to make music…) and I am now at a point where I don’t know anymore whether I even like it or not. Have I listened to it too much or is it simply that boring/bad…?! :P It doesn’t yet have a beginning, middle OR ending :rolleyes: and my gf is still working on the lyrics, but before I can even think of continuing I’d really like to know what others think, is it worth working on or should I just skip it and try something else?

It started out as a trip hop-ish kind of something, but I have no idea what to call it now.

I’d really appreciate it if you guys could give this a listen, any feedback is welcome! :)



I think the slow wahs at the beginning need to be fixed (just sounds too much like the same sample player lower). When the instrumentation gets denser with horns and stuff, it gets a lot better. I’d get rid of the spoken samples and scratching and get some good vox on it instead. Check out (earlier) Brand New Heavies, Atjazz, Incognito, Jazzanova, Jazztronik, Jamiroquai, Soul II soul, etc for ideas.

Sounds good to me, I agree with jiku about the wahs and adding some vocals if possible. But I would say the scratch samples would still work well as fillers, and particularly well during the ‘improv’ section toward the end. The Kickdrum could do with a teeny bit more kick too I reckon. Particularly like the string as they build toward the end half :)

I think this is very good – especially if it’s aimed at having vocals over it. However, I’d say bring the horns to the front more, get rid off the vocal samples and vary the drum pattern a bit occasionally.

What samples/vst are you using for the trumpets? I like them.

Thanks for the comments! :)

Actually the wahs never bothered me, I don’t mind them sounding like a sample :rolleyes: Also interesting to heat that (almost) nobody seems to like the scratch/vocal samples, I hope they will be less obvious once the REAL vocals are added :D

The drums are pretty much a skeleton for now, I intend to make them vary a lot more. This is my first attempt of using real drum-single hits to sound like an actual drummer :lol: It’s a lot of fun but much more difficult than I thought

The trumpets/horns are just samples I collected over the years from various places. I’m way too bad with vst’s to get anything decent out of them :(

But thanks so much for the feedback and the new motivation!


I disagree with jiku. I think that you should keep the spoken samples and scratches. This track sounds like an instrumental that belongs on one of the herbaliser releases.

Definitely finish it though.

ya you should finish this. This is nice. The drums processing sounds great, and ya, the sax is really nice.