Should I Get Into Lua For Windows?

(Suva) #21

Indeed. It has been said many times before that Renoise team does not reveal planned release dates, not even rough estimates, yet you still think that this time is different, and ask that question?

Release date of “in the future” is the smartest answer anyone can give you in either way. So stop complaining. :D

(InsaneCowBoutique) #22

Don’t expect someone who’s only sporadically reading the boards to use the search function for stuff like “Does the Renoise team reveal planned release dates?” - As it was mentioned before, with the release of the 2.5 beta, there were comments about “2.6 coming right after”. That’s why I asked. If it takes more time, there’s no problem at all. There’s no grief in waiting a bit longer for 2.6, but asking if there’s some kind of release date has to be legitimate without someone jumping you by making some snide remark.

(Suva) #23

Sorry about that. I shouldn’t assume that everyone live in the forums like me. :D

But to answer your question, there is no planned release date. I personally wouldn’t dare to even guess at one, cause the scope of the currently developed features is blurry by definition. Don’t worry though, as usual, you probably don’t have to wait for too long for the release. :)

(agent220) #24

My african-american friend is very smart. We’ve been friends for over 8 years. I benefit from his generosity and intelligence as in the past he has fixed my computer from viruses. His family and african-american friends like me too. Anyway, he was telling that Lua is the number one language used for video game scripting. So maybe someone will make a script for renoise that the users can play a game of Tetris in one of the tracker columns.

(vV) #25

Well, One could already start preparing a good clone of Nibbles…
I think that could be achieved in Lua in general, should not be hard to port it either.

(InsaneCowBoutique) #26

Don’t worry, my question has - more or less - been answered, so I’m happy. :)

(ilisity) #27

I rekon we should start a topic on possible lua projects for 2.6 , I know the devs don’t normally give out too much info on new releases but taktic gave out a fair bit on the 2.5 beta topic . I think it’d be good if we got ideas going now on possible extensions and get some ideas flowing .

For me a if we could make a piano roll using the api that would be amazing and I’m sure every ones got tons of ideas .

(Johann) #28

I kinda think the opposite… “scripting” and “API” is MUCH to vague for me to even remotely think about it until I have an executable to play with.

I also think it’s just too big a thing to be covered with .1 release, so people shouldn’t expect too much from 2.6 - it’s the start of a new era, not the new era, you know - and the devs shouldn’t put too much pressure on themselves to get it 100% right the first time…

(Johann) #29

Dunno… I beg to differ :P

I’m used to using beta software and daily builds, and usually the bugs can be worked around, or the features simply not used until they’re ready - while a lot of improvements are ready and do work just fine. So the inconvenience of using “unstable” software to me, in practice, is much, much smaller than the inconvenience of having to wait months or even a year to use the new features.

Obviously it’s different with, say, a browser, then a HD defrag or backup program. And yeah, Renoise is more important than a browser, and corrupted songs would suck - but I think this is mainly a hypethetical/fear issue, not a real one… and even if it wasn’t, I personally can live with some collateral damage. It’s all about weighing the costs/risks/gains.

But I can see how it’s easier on the devs to do their thing, wrap it, look it over once more, and THEN release a beta. I’m fine with that. I just wish they had the resources/nerves to do weekly builds, especially everybody would still be free to use the old, stable version. It wouldn’t change anything for the more trepid users, but a lot for me. Alas…