Should Renoises Internal Effects Get Updated

looking at the internal effects of some of the other major music software out there,would it be smart to update renoises effects??

what do you think

They just did.

yeah, but that’s what vst is for.
what would be nice is more pattern effects.

I like them as the are, but making them better is never bad offcourse, as long as the new fx don’t eat more cpu power. When I open a vst, my cpu usage increases much more then when I use the internal fx.

I’ve edited the poll, because the way s-n-s did it was wrong.


There’s a problem with the low-end frequency range on some of the Internal Effects and EQ. That should be updated (fixed).

Otherwise, the effects are good as is.

I miss the option “I don’t mind, but i am satisfied with the current set of effects” any other choice is not something i fully stand behind.
What is defined as “today’s standard” and does this apply to all plugs or only just a few?

Perhaps “Today’s standard” is analog modeled multiband bloatware… but I personally would prefer to use VSTs for that, and keep Renoise’s internal effects simple and to the point.

more MetaDevices would kick ass though ;)

… and where’s the “I love the current effects” option? … are we not allowed to like them? The second option seems to imply that we don’t even USE Renoise… and the 3rd one that we never use the internal effects…

… I HAPPEN TO USE THEM ALL THE TIME!!! … your poll is highly flawed, good sir, and is structured in a way that will garner a majority of “Yes, update them” votes no matter WHAT people think

I use only Renoise internal plugs and am quite happy with them.
However, updates and grades are always welcome.

I guess that pretty much sums it up ;)

im sorry for that my good man,im not as good at making polls

yep, ‘send - receive’ like devices as in Max/Msp for parameter abuse would be sweet, same for algorithmic controllers (+ / - * )

  • amplitude & pitch demodulator.

in a private discussion, taktik has said that the control rate (the update rate) of the DSP device is currently bound to tick frequency: if you are using speed 6, the value of a DSP is evaluated six times per row.

though I would find reasonable for some uses, it would definitely not usable for the majority of the users, who would like to have it for sidechaining

I dislike the delays - I really want inertia for delay times. A send/return loop would be nice too, or at least better routing between left and right channels (still can’t do real pingpongs)

I don’t like the reverbs either but I have yet to find a software reverb I like. That’s what I use my quadaverb for.

I definitely like how lightweight the internal effects are, though. Basically my issues are just with routing and control resolution.

Yeah, this kind of a thing. If you could set subticks… or better yet throw vertices in the automation envelopes wherever you want (not time-quantized), that would ruuuule.

The chorus RULES. Don’t change it one bit (please :) ).

I personally vote for attention to the arranger / clips / pattern zoom… however…

Perhaps what people are really wanting is a standard set of VST(i)s.

Better idea: a way to point Renoise to automatically download VST(i)s you don’t have…

You know, like :)