Shoundn't [enter] Play From The Basenote?

Not sure if this is a bug or not… but shouldn’t pressing [enter] in the sampler play the note from the basenote, not strictly at the original sample pitch? for example, if I press [enter] on a long sample I’ll hear it playing… if I adjust the basenote while it’s playing the pitch with change accordingly… however, when I press [enter] again, it will playback at the original sample pitch… even tho the basenote is different.


I guess the idea is to play from the note that is assigned in the Sample Editor (left of the record button…), not according to the Basenote in the Sample properties. So in that regard it works right.
The Basenote should only work for playing with the keyboard or from the recorded notes.

The fact that it changes pitch while changing the Basenote seems more like a ‘hidden feature’ than a bug to me, since you weren’t “supposed” to use [Enter]+Basenote.

okee doke. I didn’t realize they were separate. Thanks for clearing that up. :)