SHout out to klanghelm plugins

Just purchased klanghelm SDRR ( distortion unit ) and V.U. meter deluxe .

Each cost aroud 20 euro , sdrr ( sex drugs and rock n roll ) is a gemstone of a distortion.unit , there’s tube mode, desk mode , digi mode and fuzz .

Stunning quality , rave reviews all over the place .

Don’t be fooled by te price , it’s easily on par with plugs costing a couple of hundreds /

Go check it out …and support this dude …

Funny how this topic attracts spammers .

I just wanted to raise some awareness for this incredible plugin developer.

Disregard spam, but yeah their plugins are great. I love their VU meter, I have a few of their free plugins as well, been meaning to upgrade the rest but their stuff is quality!

I’ve got all of their paid plugins, really good stuff with lots of features and great sound quality and prices are very low for everything they sell. My favorite is their newest Tube-emulating compressor MJUC which sounds incredibly good with many kinds of material.

Also respecting the fact that there is no copy protection whatsoever. No need to install any licensing center (read: extra malware) to your computer

agreed .

Best purchases of the year 'klanghelm ’ sddr , vumt and togu TAL-MOD .