Show / hide sample column shortcut behavior in phrases

I’ve sequenced a phrase, and when I press the “show / hide sample column” button it converts every note to C-4 and shows the sample index. If I press the button again, it converts everything back to the individual notes for each slice / sample.

When I hover over the button, it shows me a shortcut. I press the shortcut, and it shows the sample column – but does NOT convert the notes to C-4 or insert the sample index.

Basically, pressing the button converts between the two “formats” so that it plays the same thing. But using the shorcut just shows / hides the column.

Note : I like how the button behaves, because the phrase sounds the same when I toggle that button. But if I use the shortcut, the notes go into weird pitches, or just don’t sound at all. So, I think the shortcut behavior should match the button behavior :slight_smile: