Show Me Your Music Tools

sneek picta of my new base:
oh yeah:
a new (renoise-only) mp3,
used this stuff in it a bit here n there

‘life is serializable’ - track :…erializable.mp3

damn making music is addictive :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

we already have such a thread around here, but here is mine anyway:

and some (really old) tracks made in there:

check this thread

well in spite of the fact that theres already another thread of it, I’ll have my fun here…

yes its true, I live like this. dont mock me =)

Holy shit! :eek: :D

I doubt I’ll post my setup anytime soon, but I can tell you the Radium49 sure looks pwetty on the ironing board with pictures of flowers on it!


This is my home studio I use (SFX - Audio Designs). Sonar is my main sequencer and I use renoise as a midi slave on the laptop. Enjoy.

@Dezacrator: good job! where are all the cables??? ^^

yeah very tidy setup indeed. The really sad thing about my “studio” is, the other side of the room makes the section in the shot look clean and orderly (hence not displaying the left speakers…)

way to clean to get any work done there :lol:
some of us need tissues on the bed
and a usb midikontroller on the coatch. ;)

i don’t bother to to post the picture, but i use
a melodica (mouth piano)
as a tool for composing melodies. its really
fun to walk around and play stuff… walking to
the window… looking at the birds… a small
tune for the plants… going to the shop…
ehhh… you get the idea. :)

can someone find a pic?

eh, those tissues are cos I have a cold ;)

…just joking… actually found this one on inet… :walkman:

I actually started to organize the trackers and whatnot in my head already because I thought the original poster meant just that, a screenshot of the softs since we already have “the gear setup thread”.

me rig- I need to clean up the room and get proper blinds and put my sound panels back up…

my babies- roland v-synth and by deceased buddie’s microkorg…

“studio b” hahaha…

the computer (opty 170 dualcore, 2 gigs ram, asus a8n and a terrobyte hd space, matrox apve video card)…

and I need to get my o-scope back up an running (learning how to master at school)- it’s in a storage room, just moved…



:P :lol:

This picture is actually just a model of my setup.
excuse the crudity of it, I didn’t have time to build it to scale or to paint it… :D

Do you have time to work being so clean? :P I don’t understand. My everything is everywhere. I work under a scheme of organised choas and it seems to work for me. If something is on the floor, then I have a choice, pick it up, or work.

Well…for fun I decided to quickly take some pics:

The computer is a AthlonXP 2700+ box with ~160GB of hard drive space, 512 MB RAM, and an MAudio Audiophile 192. The “monitors” are Yamaha bookshelf speakers. The big floor speakers are 20 year old pioneers. My amp is also a 20 year old pioneer that was purchased by my father…you guessed it…20 years ago. :stuck_out_tongue: The keyboard is an Evolution MK-261.

The turntables are Numark TTX-1s and a cheap Numark DM3000X mixer. The laptop above the decks is a Pentium M 1.3 GHZ with 512 MB ram and a 40 gig drive. It’s mainly used for schoolwork, but I use it here in conjuction with DjDecks to mix and scratch mp3s.

The little amp covered with books is a small Peavey practice amp. The guitar in it’s case to the right is a Fender Strat.


Not shown: crates full of records, cheap ass mic, Presonus TubePre mic preamp.

As you can probably tell, I’m not the most organized person in the world. Also, I like to read.

I subscribe to this theory.

Hey louis, what sort of stuff can you do with oscilloscopes? my old man has several lying around from his days of making pacemakers…never occoured to me to use them for sound generation or anything before :)

Also, I find it interesting how many people have microkorgs…