Show Pattern Sequencer?

what do you think? I’d like to toggle the pattern sequencer pretty often somehow.

You mean hide it and have only the Matrix visible?

nope, matrix and sequence hidden.

actually just showing the matrix might be nice too. :)

So hiding the middle pane altogether, no matter what is on it? Rather than specifically the Pattern Editor. Fullscreen Spectogram :D (Although I know this can be done via the easter egg.)

The fact you have titles the thread as Show… rather than Hide… also doesn’t help it be obvious what you are actually asking.

hehe, thats right. “Show …” like the View -> “Show Upper/Lower Frame” Menuentries.

I mean the Patternsequencer on the left so the Pattereditor or Mixerview can recieve more space.

i really wouldn’t mind being able to hide pattern matrix and the orderlist on the left. would give more space for the pattern editor.
would bring it closer to impulsetracker. less distractions.